License Plate Recognition Cameras

License Plate Recognition Cameras

Enhance Your Security with License Plate Recognition Cameras

Newly installed vehicle access control and car park management systems can benefit significantly from the cost-effective and intelligent vehicle entrance and exit monitoring offered by license plate recognition systems.

Pledge Protection introduces a license plate recognition camera system that revolutionises surveillance and access control. This technology is a powerful and versatile tool for enhancing security in various applications, offering a combination of precision and efficiency, making it a vital component of any security system.

Advantages of Utilizing a License Plate Recognition Camera

Speedy, Secure, and Automated: This system ensures swift and automated authorisation for vehicle entry, enhancing security. Vehicles can be registered and granted entry to parking facilities without the need for abrupt stops, thanks to the system’s fast and accurate license plate recognition.

Searchable Video Content: Video footage from each vehicle access instance is time and location-stamped, making it easy to search later using text and image queries. Event filtering allows you to search for videos based on factors like the number of incoming parking cars or available parking spaces.

Automated Vehicle Statistics: Leveraging automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology, we can quickly compile and present comprehensive statistical data related to vehicle movements. Our cameras collect and analyse data from vehicle number plates, enabling the generation of valuable information.

How It Operates

Our systems feature a license plate recognition camera equipped with a pre-installed axis or partner analytics. This can be utilized on-camera, in the cloud, or on a server. The system generates alarms, opens gates, adds costs, or records license plates in real time, compares them to a list, and updates or adds them as required.


Range of Applications

Parking Management Toll Booths Access Control Traffic Management Residential Communities
Automated entry and exit management can simplify parking, make the most of available space, and enhance customer experience. Automate toll collection, ease traffic and enhance highway and expressway traffic flow. By automating admission to sensitive sites and limiting access to authorized cars, security can be improved. With real-time data insights, traffic flow can be monitored, violations can be found, and road safety can be improved. Ensure resident safety, keep an eye on entrances, and secure gated communities.

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